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Fly Fishing Instructors - Diversity on the Water

Meet the Team

At Fly Fish Instruct, we’re committed to creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive fly fishing community. And that’s why our team of fly fishing instructors is diverse by design. It’s about ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and included, regardless of their background, culture, race, gender, ability, or identity. We want to break down barriers to make fly fishing accessible to all, fostering a community where diverse perspectives and experiences enrich our outdoor adventures. 

We’re not just here to teach you the how-to’s of casting a rod and catching trout. We’re also fully committed to continuous learning and growth in our roles as instructors, mentors, fly fishers, and environment advocates. 

The Fly Fish Instruct team is dedicated to providing you with a welcoming, engaging, and positive experience, whether you’re just learning to fly fish or elevating your skillset. And we’re truly excited to have you here with us. Thank you!


Bob Bartlett (he/him)
Elizabeth Simpson (she/her)
Heather Hodson (she/her)
Founder & Instructor
Jenn Hsia (she/her)
Lino Jubilado (he/him)
Megan Hess (she/her)
Ryan Siron (he/him)
Graphic Designer