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Heather Hodson (she/her) Founder & Instructor

Heather Hodson (she/her) @northwestfygirl is founder of Fly Fish Instruct and United Women on the Fly.  Living in the heart of west slope cutthroat country, Heather resides in Spokane Washington with her catch of a lifetime, Eric Neufeld, and is dog mom to 16-year-old Cooper.  She is committed to building an inclusive community that educates, provides resources, encourages, and connects anglers from around the world.  Heather has helped more than 2,000 anglers become independent, confident, and competent on the water since 2014.  

A “Jill of All Trades”, Heather is a forever fly-fishing student, and has become very successful in multiple fishing techniques.   Her passion for sharing her knowledge, mentoring, need to give back and enthusiasm to think outside the box is infectious.  Heather may not look like the current face of fly-fishing instructors, but she and her Fly Fish Instruct team are the future.