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Fly Fishing Instructors
Bringing accessible fly fishing education to all.

Fly Fish Instruct is here to help you learn how to fly fish. Take your confidence and abilities on the water to new heights!

Fly Fish Instruct

Learners and Leaders Today

We’re all about igniting a love for fly fishing by embracing inclusivity. We celebrate the beauty and diversity of anglers, fish species, and fly-fishing techniques to inspire and captivate.  Our mission is to share our passion and knowledge, aiming to inspire and empower you on your fly fishing journey.

Rivah Sistah 1080 x 1080

“In the classroom portion of the Independent Angler workshop, I learned about flies, their life cycles, seining, and how to tie knots.  Then we went outside and learned how to cast and how to properly release fish.  I was excited to wiggle into my waders for the first time for a private water lesson with the amazing Heather Hodson, founder of Fly Fish Instruct.  I will never forget this amazing experience!” 

~ Rivah Sistah @rivahsistah

Online Fly Fishing Courses

Learn from the comfort of your own home.

Learn basic knot tying, the anatomy of a rod and reel, and proper fish handling. Or take your skills to the next level. Excel in the art of reading water, matching the hatch, and nailing successful presentations. Let’s level up your fly fishing game!

  • Access several live and recorded online fly fishing courses throughout the year.
  • Courses range from fly fishing for beginners to advanced intermediate.

In-Person Workshops

Gain confidence on the water.

Got the itch to learn how to cast a fly rod and catch a fish? We totally get it! Learning by doing is super helpful. That’s why our team of instructors offers fun, interactive, and positive in-person fly fishing workshops all across the United States.

  • Connect and learn with other anglers and cultivate a fly fishing community in your region.
  • Get hands-on practice and learn loads of helpful techniques to become a more skilled, competent, and confident angler. 

Customized Learning Experience

Meet your unique angling needs.

You might have your own unique needs, questions, or specific fly fishing techniques you’re eager to learn. That’s why we offer customized fly fishing classes. Let’s make it about you and your fishing goals. 

  • Learn from experienced guides who are ready to share their passion, knowledge, and fun with you!
  • Unleash your angling talent with a tailored learning experience. 

“I love the fact that Heather continually showed her support to come and ask questions at any time! Having her and the others, they are on the river really was a game changer. Having her right beside me on some of the biggest catches, it was invaluable.”

~ Mollie Baez


About the Fly Fish Instruct Team

Our instructors are diverse by design. We’re not just about teaching you the how-tos of casting and fly fishing. Our mission is to inspire a mindset, foster meaningful interactions, and champion the preservation of our natural world and its diverse aquatic inhabitants.   We aren’t just instructors; we are your collaborative partners, mentors, and creators of lasting connections.

Scholarship Opportunities

We believe that fly-fishing education should be accessible to all. That’s why we’re fully embracing this mission with our scholarship program. We’re thrilled to provide scholarships for our online courses. We want to ensure that anyone can join us on this incredible journey regardless of socioeconomic status.