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Elizabeth Simpson (she/her) Instructor

Elizabeth Simpson (she/her) @lizzieanne_s did not grow up in a fishing family. Far from it, she grew up riding and training horses! During those years she developed a passion for teaching students of all ages. Liz quickly learned to vary her teaching styles and verbiage based upon what her students understood. 

Now, as a cardiac nurse Liz continues her mission to teach and educate each patient at their level. Breaking down complex medical issues requires multiple avenues of explanation and patience. 
Liz began fly fishing in 2017, unaware of how lucky she was to have landed in an area teeming with native Westslope Cutthroat and freestone rivers. As her passion grew so did her connection with the local fly fishing community. Liz now co-leads casting practice meet ups, Hackle and Hops fly tying evenings, and the weekly Tuesday Tips for Spokane Women On The Fly. This self proclaimed “Analogy Girl”, Liz often relates fishing, casting, and tying skills to every day actions. 
While Liz prefers Cutties on dry flies she has ventured into spey casting, been bitten by the bass on top water bug, and is earning a seat in drift boats by learning to row! 


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