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Spring Trout Fishing Techniques

Spring fishing can be rewarding and frustrating, all in the same day.  Everything comes down to the seasonal hatches, fishing techniques for each stage, and reading winter/spring trout water. Fishing during the winter and spring months involves a slower, more technical approach. Learn from Megan Hess as she discusses winter/spring trout fishing techniques.

Course Details

  • Instructors – Megan Hess and Heather Hodson
  • Email
  • Cost – $25.00 – Scholarship Available
  • Refunds – No Refunds
  • Course – Recorded Online

Course Covers

  • Why Spring Fishing?
  • Spring Fishing Considerations
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Water Types (Pre-Runoff & Runoff)
  • Trout Behavior in Cold Water and During Runoff
  • Hatch Charts
  • Entomology and Life Cycle of Mayfly
  • Spring Fishing Techniques
    • Fishing the Specific Stages of Mayflies, Midges, Stoneflies, and Streamers
  • Leader Examples for all Insect Stages and Streamers
  • Casting Tips for Fishing Techniques
  • Top Spring Trout Flies
  • Fish Handling and Conservation Tips

You'll Receive

  • “Spring Trout Fishing Tips” Online Course Recording
  • “Spring Trout Fishing Tips” Classroom Handouts
  • 1.25hrs of Classroom Instruction
  • Weekly Education Emails from Fly Fish Instruct
  • Education Discounts
  •  Early Event Announcements

Spring Fishing Considerations

  • Regulations
    • Know the regulations for the body of water you will be fishing.
    • What are the closure dates?
  • Safety
    • High water from snow melt.
    • Limit your time wading.
    • Don’t wander far from the vehicle.
    • Cinch your wading belt.
    • Dress in layers and bring extra clothes.
  • Clothing
    • Camouflage Clothing
    • Always Bring a Rain Jacket
    • Cotton Hand Towel to Dry Hands
    • Extra Clothes and Gloves in the Car
    • Don’t Overdress So Your Range of Motion is Limited.

Scholarships Available

We believe that everyone should have access to fly-fishing education and are living out this mission through our scholarship program.  We are more than happy to offer scholarships for our online courses.  Please email to inquire.

Scholarships Available

The scholarship funding comes from direct donations and via donation-based online courses.  In 2022, Fly Fish Instruct provided more than 150 individuals free access to the “Intro to Fly Fishing” online course and over 50 scholarships and donated courses. 

All donations will go to the Celine Bayla Education Scholarship Fund.  Celine was an incredible woman who left this world much too early.  Celine worked with United Women on the Fly to make education more accessible and fly fishing more inclusive.  Your support is much appreciated.  Donate HERE.

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