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2-DAY WOMEN'S "smallmouth BASS 101" WORKSHOP

The 2-Day Women’s “Smallmouth Bass 101”  workshop is focused mostly on fishing for smallmouth bass in rivers.  The first day will be 8hrs of education, including classroom, hands-on knots, leader-building, and casting drills outside.  Day #2, we move from the classroom to on the water instruction.  We have hired four excellent guides from Fishing for All for an 8hr float down the Mississippi River.  No equipment or experience needed.

The use of equipment, tackle, and lunch is included in the cost of this workshop.  Register HERE.


Contact Email

Email us at with questions.


Minneapolis Minnesota

Fishing License

A Minnesota fishing license is required.  Purchase a Minnesota fishing license HERE.  A license is required for your fishing day on 8/4/23.


  • Jenn Hsia
  • Heather Hodson

2-Day workshop Schedule

  • 8/3/23 – 9 am – 5 pm

    • 8 am – 12 pm – Mix of Classroom, Hands-On and Outside Casting Drills

    • 12 pm – 12:30 pm – Lunch

    • 1 pm – 5 pm – Mix of Classroom and Outside Casting Drills

  • 8/4/23 – 8hrs Guided Education on the Mississippi River

    • 8hr Float on the Mississippi River with Fishing for All

    • Workshop Review After the Guided Fishing Day

Tuition Cost

$995.00 Per Person.  8 Students Max.  Register HERE.

Final Payment

The Final Payment of $500.00 is Due on June 19th, 2023.

Payments and Refunds

A deposit of 50% ($495.00) is required to hold your spot. Final payment is due 45 days before the start of the workshop.  All payments have a seven-day cancellation policy, from the date of registration, for a full refund.  After seven days, all payments are forfeited unless a replacement participant is found. 

Fly Fishing Education - Learn How to Fly Fish
  • Equipment
    • Rods, Reels and Fly Lines
  • Leader/Tippet Review
    • Monofilament and Fluorocarbon Breakdown
  • Match the Hatch
    • Understanding the Food Sources
    • Choosing the Right Fly
  • Beyond the Basics Knots Overview
    • Non-Slip Loop, Blood Knot and Perfection Loop
  • Hands-On Leader Setups and Rationale
  • Smallmouth Bass Behavior
  • Reading Water and Where to Fish Smallmouth Bass in a River
  • Seasonsal Behavior
  • Fishing Technique Overview
    • Surface Feeding
    • Mid-Column Feeding
    • Bottom-Column Feeding
  • Fly Casting
    • Fly Casting Principles and Fundamentals
    • Pick-Up Lay Down
    • Off-Shoulder casting
    • Belgium or Constant Tension Casts
    • Double Haul
    • Casting Further
    • Casts Specific to Fishing Techniques, Leaders, and Weight of Flies

What's included?

  • 8hrs Classroom Education Taught By Highly Skilled Women Anglers
  • 8hrs Guided Education, Floating the Mississippi River with Guides Fishing for All
    • We have made a Conscious Effort to Hire Diverse Fly-Fishing Guides.
  • Online Access to  “Fly Fishing 101”, “Reading Trout Water” and “Intro to Bass” Online Courses
  • “Smallmouth Bass 101” Manual Written By Heather Hodson and Jenn Hsia
  • UWOTF Hat
  • iFishiBelong Tee-Shirt
  • Lunch on Thursday and Friday
  • Use of All Fishing Equipment Needed

What's not included?



The city is located in central east of Minnesota on both banks of the Mississippi River, north of the site where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi.  The nearest airport, MSP, is 12 miles away from downtown Minneapolis.

Covid Policy

Safety is our biggest concern.  We will follow the CDC and State of Minnesota recommendations.

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